MOUNTAINEERING… the himalayan database adds spring 2011 stats…

The legendary source for statistics on mountaineering in the Himalaya, The Himalayan Database, has added information on the Spring 2011 climbing season to their website.  As always, the information is available (free of charge) to the public.

The Himalayan Database – Expedition Records by Season

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 (originally posted 13.6.2011)

The Himalayan Database has added statistics from the Autumn 2010 and Winter 2010 climbing seasons.  As always, the information has been made available to the public, free of charge.

The Himalayan Database is an archive of all climbing activity in the Himalaya, from 1905 to the present.  All information from the 1960s on has been collected by respected American journalist Elizabeth Hawley, who (word has it) continues to speed around her adopted hometown of Kathmandu in an old VW Beetle, gathering firsthand interviews with every hopeful summiteer as they pass through.  Although she has become a mountaineering legend, Hawley has never taken part in the activity (herself).  However, what she may lack in mountaineering experience, she has (certainly) made up for in the collection of data.  And, if anyone (still) feels an absence in first hand credibility, they can (always) feel free to take it up with data collector, mountaineer, multi-Himalayan peak summiteer, and first German woman to summit LhotseBilli Bierling, who earned a spot on the Everest Spring 2009 summit list.

Congratulations to all those who (literally) made their way into the history books!

(And, a huge thanks to Database creator Richard Salisbury, for passing along the update to the mailing list so quickly!)

t h e   h i m a l a y a n   d a t a b a s e

e x p e d i t i o n   r e c o r d s   b y   s e a s o n

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