MOTORSPORT… 2012 rally new zealand (21.6.2012-24.6.2012): be a part of the wrc action-help pwrc driver louise cook complete her inaugural season…

2 0 1 2   B R O T H E R   R A L L Y   N E W   Z E A L A N D

[ 2 1   J U N E   2 0 1 2   –   2 4   J U N E   2 0 1 2 ]

Did you know that once a driver is on the entry list for a World Rally Championship event, they cannot pull out of the event without incurring a hefty fine and racing license revocation until that fine is paid?  Well, now you do.  So, every time you see a privateer on the course, know that they have (probably) been through hell just trying to get there.  And, every time you see your favourite privateer absent from an entry list, you know why.  Entering the WRC is a gamble.  Attendance has all the strict requirements of school with all the harsh penalties of adult responsibility.  Though the event calendar may appear light, the interims are spent perfecting cars, advancing driving skills, juggling public relations, and (all too often) scrounging for financing.  Sometimes, right up to the very last minute.

Which is where 24-year-old PWRC privateer Louise Cook (GBR/co-driver Stefan Davis-GBR) is right at this very moment.  With a matter of days to go before the start of the 2012 Rally New Zealand and her name on the entry list, Cook is just short of the budget needed to participate.  Already having to borrow a car for New Zealand (after finding that borrowing locally would be more cost-efficient), Cook is pushing hard from an underdog position.  And, who doesn’t love an underdog.  Especially when that underdog is just a threat in disguise.  See, even after struggling through last month’s Acropolis Rally, Cook is ranked fifth in the PWRC standings.  And, it is safe to say that the only reason Acropolis was a struggle was because it is a notorious nightmare for even the most experienced drivers of WRC-class four-wheel-drive cars.  Cook took on the challenge as an Acropolis novice and in a minimally-altered two-wheel-drive Ford Fiesta.  The girl is tough and talented.  Not to mention, a hard worker with a background in automotive design and a knack for finance.  And, you can help her out by lifting a bit of financial worry.

Today, in a last-ditch effort to fund her Rally New Zealand run, Cook put her rally trophies up for auction on eBay.  If you have the means and would like to support a bid for PWRC glory, here is your chance.

Louise Cook’s Trophies on eBay

If you are able to help, please do the human thing and consider the option of holding them for her, offering to sell them back in the future, as it is certain these prizes (though mere tokens) hold quite a lot of sentimental value.  This is just a speculation and editorial suggestion on our part, though.  The bottom line is a top bid.

Bidding closes 18 June 2012.

(thumbs up to cook / 2012 rallye monte-carlo / courtesy of louise cook official facebook page, uroš modlic,

For more information on Louise Cook and how you can support her PWRC bid…

Louise Cook Official Site

Louise Cook Official Facebook Page

Louise Cook on Twitter

Louise Cook Official YouTube Channel

To help any of your favourite privateers, simply look them up and contact them for information.

Editorial note:  No, we are not affiliated with Cook.  We are just trying to call attention to the widespread issue of rally financing and (in the tiniest way) help a fellow Cookie out in the process.


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