POP CETERA… karhu runs into one of the best-worst videos of all-time…

Finnish running outfitters Karhu are fans of social media.  And, while they may share many stories on running, it is rare that their posts involve running into something.  But, when they stumbled upon something too good to keep to themselves, they had to share it with the world.  And, thankfully, they did, as what they unearthed was a mesmerising time capsule of disco deliciousness.  A great, big bear hug for the eyes and ears, of you will (does any other site drop as many Finnish references as we do?  does anyone notice or care?).  Without a doubt, it may be one of the best-worst things ever.  You know, those things that are so horrendous that they are brilliant.  Things you cannot get enough of, no matter how haunting they are or how confused you are as to why you are so compelled to repeat the offense of exposure.  And, boy, is this little gem haunting.

Yes, you just saw that.  The perfect stereotypical image of exactly what one might come up with if pressed for a picture of a Finnish man, teaching disco.  And, it leaves a few questions.  Such as…

Did the facial expression of the (Karhu-clad) instructor ever change?

Can Karhu fulcrum technology (really) redirect energy all the way to your fingertips for those long nights under the mirrorball?

Will it take intensive therapy to get that music and those moves out of your head?

Haunting.  Completely haunting.  In the best-worst way, of course.

(We liked when he ditched his partner and started dancing with himself.)

Karhu Official Site

Editorial note:  I (now) realise that I have been misusing my Karhus.  I should stop resisting the urges to bust out those sweet moves on the trails that I have had ever since seeing this video.


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