So Vodafone Rally de Portugal is just about to start and Mikko believes he’s still in the title hunt; Oh the mind boggles with that kid.

Whom I am backing, well, I don’t think we’ll see too much difference from Mexico really, similar terrain and all, some of it will come down to luck.

Ogier thanked whomever sent the super bug that is wiping out half of North America to him in that sealed FedEx box (possibly from Ford HQ?) in the pre-rally press conference.

It’s open again, Ogier will be up there, it’s just who will run second and third and is down to the luck of the draw, who avoids rocks and if it rains.

Dani Sordo has good form, I’d like to see him up there, super nice guy. Jerry Matt will try too hard and break something, he has a lot to prove now, and not much time to do it in. Neuville, he will keep it clean, Novikov, well we all know he rolls at some stage during every rally, and Mads, not sure, maybe he will get lucky again.

Welcome to the WRC Mr Mikkelsen, Volkswagen appreciates you and will finally enjoy seeing two cars finish. Hyundai is excited to see your form before they offer Jerry Matt a contract at a bargain basement career saving price.

At the end of the day, you look at Ogier last year in an S2000 car and he was beating half the WRC cars running, kid is talented and no one will match him this year.


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