So, I had the rare, I guess the right word would be pleasure, of spectating at Rally Australia this year instead of competing or Team Managing. It was, different, it was fun, it was interesting…

So instead of doing a review on the event or the spectating or the organisation or whatever anyone would expect, I mean who can compete with hitchcockblonde or SamHoneybunny?

WRC – Thierry Neuville – Denied Ogier from taking the title and made him wait another couple of weeks, another 2nd place for 2013 and is showing everything that will make him one of the only people who can perform on all surfaces that can take it to Ogier in the coming years.
WRC3 – Stephen Turner – A smart and consistent drive in his R2 Fiesta saw him win his class against a couple of much more fancied and over-hyped rivals.
ARC – Brendan Reeves – Finally we saw the Mazda 2 have as much reliability as it does speed to take it right up the the factory Honda and Renault teams, taking stage and heat wins over the rally.
WRC – Kris Meeke – Well it was all looking so good, so great, so awesome, all he had to do was drive fast and consistent and bring the car home, but instead he decided he would destroy the car not once, but twice.
ARC – Greg Latham – An up and down rally for Greg, issues on Friday’s first loop with very promising speed, stage win on the rerun then a pretty big off that made the Big Banana look straight. Plenty of raw speed and someone to watch out for in the future.

Oh and I took some pics whilst I was there too