Someone once said “Stalk the only one of us qualified to talk rally” and since the boss lady has decided that she would no longer be commenting on the WRC, well I thought that I’d give you some thoughts on what’s been happening so far in the WRC along with the start to my 2014 competition campaign.

Let’s start with me, because lets face it, all one or two of you whom may read this, want to know about me. Then again, if that is the case you more than likely follow me on twitter, facebook, instagram or pinterest; if not all of them. You may even have my mobile numbers. That’s right, I’m so frikkin’ important that I have two mobile phones!

This year is my 21st year of competitive motorsport, and to be honest, this could be one of the most rewarding and exciting seasons in ten years, only because on the 2nd May 2004 I was involved in what some may say was a memorable and epic crash, across a flying finish whilst pushing for the lead in a rallysprint.

Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked here. The season started very early for me, the 1st of February saw me line up in the co-drivers seat for Targa Wrest Point, a tarmac rally based out of Hobart, Australia. The car was a humble Datsun 1600 (P510) and pre-event things were looking good, car was running strong, roads looked awesome and I had already fallen in love with Southern Tasmania. Sadly though after 20 competitive kilometers, fuel starvation to number two cylinder melted the spark plug, the piston rings and cracked the piston which meant the weekend was over 4km into the third targa stage.

I can safely say that I enjoyed the whole experience up until that point and also after it, it was my first tarmac rally and I would dearly love to do more and am currently working on some plans to contest one or more tarmac rallies later this year.

There are also some other opportunities to compete on gravel this year, more details on those if and when they come to light but all of them are quite exciting and each one presents new and exciting challenges. At the end of the day I’m really keen to get out and compete this year, I miss the days of doing 9 ot 10 events in a year, so any chance to get into a car this year, I’m going to grasp with both hands, say yes and get in there and have fun, first and foremost.Image

So onto this WRC business, and really, it’s been interesting yet a tad boring so far, well that’s what I have personally found. The most exciting thing so far has been Hyundai’s Service Centre / Mobile Dealership. That thing is EPIC!

On the driver front, everyone seems to have already written off my golden boy, Thierry Neuville. Please be reminded of 2013 and that his first to rallies in the Fiesta were also below average and when Mexico came around he starred for the rest of the season, get ready to see that happen again; you read it here first, just like last year. Bobby K is also going to start to come on strong and he will win one of the tarmac rounds later in the year.

So, with Mexico in mind, watch out for Chris Atkinson, if the i20 can have a trouble free rally, he is capable of a podium on the event, he’s had a good amount of gravel testing in the car and wants more drives, so will be pushing for a really string result.