(jenson button gets himself, he really gets himself; no, really, he got himself /// 2014 /// courtesy of jenson button on facebook)

(jenson button gets himself, he really gets himself; no, really, he got himself /// 2014 /// courtesy of jenson button on facebook)

Okay, that is pretty funny.  McLaren driver Jenson Button (GBR) took McLaren’s Driver Quiz and wound up getting himself.  Hey, it is (always) nice to find out that you know yourself better than you thought you did, is it not?  Well, that is one way to look at it (at least).

Naturally, being a time-waster, this quiz had to be taken.  (In the name of research, of course.  Is this not an article of sorts?)


Sweet!  Button is wonderful; he seems like a cool enough guy with a good attitude, a solid sense of humor, and a love of playing outside.  Yes.  Excellent.  But, let us read the description, just to remind us that it is (simply) a silly quiz and that we could never (possibly) be that cool.


Yeah…see…(maybe) not so much.  This is a disaster zone of pure awkwardness (here).  But, (maybe) there is internet time-waster-based hope in this result.


Back up.


“…The thing is, how much longer do you want to stay behind the wheel – a second career as a triathlete surely beckons?”

At this time, with Silly Season getting underway, the speculation surrounding the future of Button are more closely resembling a roaring hurricane than a whisper in an ear.  McLaren has not had the results they had hoped for, the 2009 World Champion is the second oldest driver on the grid, and there is an impressive pool of young talent overflowing at the feet of the Woking, England-based team.  So, what, exactly, is this little quiz result blurb saying?  Is it (innocently and flatteringly) noting that the person who has received this result has many talents?  Or, is it a trickle-down suggestion that Button may want to start focusing his energy elsewhere?  Honestly, it is probably just innocent flattery in fun.  Behind a mask of creepy fortune teller-like polite hints.  Such as that Button and all those who came up with this result are failing at whatever it is we are doing, and should (probably) start looking at a Plan B while trying to focus on things we do not suck so much at.

Well, whatever the case, we think Button is pretty awesome, nowhere near done in Formula 1 (in fact, with McLaren returning to Honda power in 2015 and Button having experience with Honda engines, it would seem wise to retain such an extraordinary source of valuable input), and, therefore, that all the cool kids get ‘Jenson Button’.

So, there.

The McLaren Driver Quiz: a magical clickhole that will not only suck up your time, but suck you into the dirtiest depths of Silly Season speculation.  Damn you, McLaren!!!

(And, nothing but the best of luck in the second half of the 2014 season to Button and McLaren.  It has been a hideously difficult season of change for everyone, with a maze, rather than a learning curve, and each team and driver fighting new battles every round.  Try not to get too down or trigger-happy. It will all work out, clicking when you least expect it as you learn valuable lessons the hardest way possible along the way.)