d o n o v a n b y r n e s

a k a

d o n o v a n   b y r n e s

( g a m e   t e s t e r ,   ( v e r y )   a m a t e u r   p o d c a s t e r ,   n e r d ,   a s s h o l e )

There are some who say that Donovan was born in the middle of a gunfight and a tornado, and this spectacular entrance paved the way for his fast life of decadence and danger. Others say he’s a pathological liar who talks and writes about himself in the 3rd Person to satisfy his own kinky narcissism. Either way… what a bad ass.

In between 80-hour work weeks and sessions recording for his super-awesome podcast (more on that later), our hero enjoys long walks along the beach and movies starring Ryan Gosling. So goddamn dreamy…

I digress. Is he as attractive as Mr. Gosling?

No. No he isn’t.

Donovan Byrnes: Not as cool as Ryan Gosling… but still pretty awesome.

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