h i t c h c o c k b l o n d e

a k a

t h e   n o r t h   c o u n t r y   m o n k e y

a k a

b r i t t   c   k n u t s o n

( e d i t o r – i n – c h i e f )

Bitey shutterbug.  Professional non-professional such & such / so & so.  Swellegant.  Elegant.  (Practically) perfect in every way.  Can be bribed with cookies.  Loves a good veggie burger with bacon.

Raised by wolves (who, rather oddly, watched a lot of Blackadder and Monty Python), proud walking stereotype of a Swede-Finn Miss Britt learned how to manage time through TV schedules, how to drive from watching Hitchcock Blondes, and how to mock everything and everyone through a gross misunderstanding of human equality.  She never enters the daylight without sunglasses and has a deep love of sombreros and old film, travel, and Communist propaganda posters.  Her favourite Hitchcock Blonde is Barbara Bel Geddes’ “Midge” (Vertigo) and she considers herself to be more of a Moneypenny than a Bond Girl.  She avoids using phones at all cost and harbours a constant fear of omitting the ‘l’ in “public”.  She lives in a bunker made of sporting goods (primarily winter-centric, with a carpet of running shoes), books, movies, TV on DVD, CDs, records, cassettes, and fashion mags.  She spent her grade school years in science labs and her higher education years, focused on social psychology and the political economics and film of Soviet (primarily Stalinist) Russia.  Miss Britt tends to shoot for the crotch, has the mouth of a grammatically anal angry, drunken pirate, and spends much of her free time, wondering why people have (always) felt the need to call her “Miss Britt”.

m o r e   h i t c h c o c k b l o n d e . . .

. . . b l o g   ( t h e   n o r t h   c o u n t r y   m o n k e y )

. . . t w i t t e r

. . . p h o t o

. . . v i d e o

. . . p l a y l i s t

wading through the deeply shallow for token prizes