CONSIDERATIONS… job zombies…

I was in a conversation the other morning... <aside...> A conversation? We were texting. As in, on cell phones. I'm not sure when it became natural to think of that as a conversation, but for me at least, it seems to fit the qualifications of an interaction. It's not as good as hearing the timbre … Continue reading CONSIDERATIONS… job zombies…

CONSIDERATIONS… modern homework

Having been dubbed "the only qualified parenting writer on staff," I guess I'd better deliver some sort of parenting sentiment, even if it's not original to me. So here's something, from famous pediatric specialist Stephen Wright (I think): I childproofed my house, but it didn't work--one got in. There. That should alienate anyone who's overly … Continue reading CONSIDERATIONS… modern homework

CONSIDERATIONS… the nemesis app

I've been considering my iPhone. If it turned against me, I'd be screwed. I got started on this chain of thoughts when I was getting ready to spend a day with a bunch of UX (User Experience) professionals, talking about mobile UX. User experience, if you've not encountered the term before, is pretty much what … Continue reading CONSIDERATIONS… the nemesis app


-------- From Twitter, 11 May 2012: cookies & gold stars ‏ @cookiesandgold #FF And the rest of our (unruly) staff: @DonovanByrnes and our Pacific Northwesters, @alboss @drakeduck stuff. Lots of stuff. -------- Unruly? Me? Unquestionably so. But, I "... do stuff"? Hmm... "I do stuff." Being a parent is like getting an advanced degree … Continue reading CONSIDERATIONS… I do stuff